$98 round trip, non-stop tickets from NJ/PA area to Orlando

I just found this deal on Orbitz.com I don’t know how long it is going to last, so if you live in the NJ/PA area, and always wanted to take your kids to know world, I suggest you jump on these tickets ASAP.


  1. Open a new tab with Orbitz.com
  2. Select Departure From Newark airport
  3. IMPORTANT make sure to check the small Check that says “and surrounding airports”
  4. Select dates.
  5. IMPORTANT make sure to leave the boxes that say “prefer none stop” and “select times” unchecked.
  6. Select destination “Orlando, FL”
  7. IMPORTANT make sure to check the box below that says and surrounding airports.
  8. Put in those dates as well leaving the times blank.
  9. Congrats! You now have a non-stop flight from ABE airport to orlando, fl. And a returning flight from Tampa, fl to trenton, NJ airport for only 97.60 on frontier airlines.
Let me know how the flight was and share with your friends! Don’t forget to sign up via email to get alerts whenever there is a undercover deal! 
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